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10 Tips that can be helpful to busy people who want to lose weight - Magical Tip

10 Tips that can be helpful to busy people who want to lose weight

Daily obligations, such as taking children to school, going to work, shopping, and many more, do not always leave a lot of time for healthy cooking and getting enough exercise. We sometimes leave in a hurry, and the hunger falls on us unexpectedly, so we choose to go to the corner store to buy any type of fast food, or we will eat at the fast food the most close. This not only involves additional expenses, but it also means that our body receives a lot of extra calories.

MagicalTip has gathered today some tips for people who are extremely busy, and who would like to lose a little weight.

#1. Keeps fruits and vegetables cut in the refrigerator

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An alternative to avoid buying unhealthy products is to have foods ready to eat at any time. Cucumbers, carrots, strawberries … you can cut fruits and vegetables into squares, slices or pieces, so that they can be eaten quickly with salt and lemon, or serve as an accompaniment with n ‘ any dish of your choice.

#2. If you do not have time, buy bags of pre-cut fruits and vegetables.

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If you do not have time to cut your fruits and vegetables, you can find bags of these pre-cut products on the market. Many of them contain small portions that you can easily put in the pocket of a bag and carry everywhere with you to eat in case of cravings.

#3. Three important words: Lunch box

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If you spend a lot of time outdoors, buying an insulated lunch box can be a good idea. The advantage of these boxes, or bags, is that they can keep perishable foods longer, while ensuring you can eat much healthier and balanced, with the portions that suit you.

#4. Cooks large quantities, and freezes everything


For many of us, it’s impossible to spend time cooking every day. As a result, only one day per week could be reserved for large meals. Then package the food in individual boxes for each day of the week, and freeze them, so that when you leave your house, you just have to put one of these boxes in your lunch bag. Contrary to popular belief, food does not lose any of these nutrients when frozen, and it keeps well.

#5. Avoid deceptive foods.

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When we are in a hurry, we usually go to the first convenience store we find on the way to satisfy our appetite. We often opt for cereal bars, believing that we will consume fewer calories than if we eat other, less healthy products, but that is not true. According to one study, many of these bars are high in saturated fat and sugar, so it’s best to choose fruit.

#6. Eat almonds in case of cravings

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Instead of choosing a cereal bar, use almonds as an alternative when you are hungry between meals. According to a study, when consumed as snacks, almonds can reduce the feeling of an empty stomach, and provide metabolic benefits without putting you at risk of gaining weight. It is recommended to eat about 15 to 20 almonds a day.

#7. Freeze fruit bags to make smoothies

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Many people forget to have their breakfast, or simply do not because they are in a hurry in the morning. However, this has bad health implications, while increasing the risk of weight gain. A good option is to prepare smoothies with frozen fruits. Just put some chopped fruit in a blender, and add some coconut milk or almonds.

#8. Prepare a pitcher or several brewing glasses, and keep them in the refrigerator

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Drinking water is the key to weight loss, but many people do not like water “nature” because they find it tasteless. That’s why they turn to soda, which adds even more calories to their daily food intake. A good alternative is to prepare green tea pitchers, chamomile or other infusions of your choice. When you make a beverage that you like a lot, it is less likely then that you turn to another high-calorie industrial beverage.

#9. Pack individual servings of salad in paper towels.

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Another problem that encourages people to eat processed and unhealthy foods is that the vegetables they store in the refrigerator often deteriorate quickly. To avoid this and prolong their shelf life, it is recommended to keep the salad or vegetables wrapped in paper towels, and putting them in a box. This will prevent excess moisture and will keep the vegetables in good condition longer.

#10. Take advantage of any occasion to exercise

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In addition to a healthy diet, a minimum of physical activity is necessary. However, the lack of free time for busy people makes this task almost impossible. Therefore, it is suggested to take any opportunity to exercise: take the stairs to work instead of using the elevator, use your shopping bags as dumbbells to exercise while looking up arms, etc …

Which foods do you prefer to eat when you are in a hurry but still want to pay attention to your diet? Share this article with people around you who say they do not have time to take care of them!


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