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10 Ways to keep your pet busy during your absences - Magical Tip

10 Ways to keep your pet busy during your absences

If you have a pet and you have a job all day, you probably have some trouble leaving him alone at home. Cats usually do not have too many problems to be alone, but a dog delivered to himself can be the worst enemy of your furniture and clothes. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your pet busy during your absence.

Today, MagicalTip wants to share with you 10 ways to keep your pet busy so that when you return home, it will welcome you even happier.

#10. Find some special toys

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If you do not want to miss your pet while you’re outside, you should consider leaving him a substitute for him to have fun. In some homeowners’ experience, chewing toys and artificial bones are best, as this chewing process can reduce the anxiety associated with separation.

#9. Organize a search for treats

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Hide kibbles and other treats in the house where your pet tends to hang around while you’re out. He will have fun during the day trying to find all these good things. The best is to do it just before leaving the house. In this way, your pet will begin to associate your departure with a positive rather than a negative event. And so, he will not feel so stressed and unhappy.

#8. Leave the TV on

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When you go out, turn on your TV and leave it plugged in. Choose a channel from the Animal Planet genre or any other channel that features animals. The noises and the images will distract him because a single house is very quiet. Not to mention that in this way he will do less nonsense. There are even television channels created especially for dogs. For example, DOGTV is a channel that broadcasts dog-friendly programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These programs are scientifically developed to prevent animals from feeling alone at home.

#7. Buy a water fountain


All pet owners know that animals must have access to clean, fresh water all the time. But who said we could not combine need and pleasure? There are special water fountains for cats and dogs that can easily be installed in a house. On the one hand, your pet will have a constant supply of fresh water, and on the other hand, the water in motion will amuse many cats.

#6. Put some natural peanut butter in a hollow toy

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Before leaving your house, take a dog toy and fill it with peanut butter. The smell and taste will drive him crazy. In addition, having to find the way to reach the bottom of the toy to take the peanut butter, will occupy it for hours. Just be careful that peanut butter is natural, without sugar or additives.

#5. Give your pets an unobstructed view from a window

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Les chiens et les chats adorent voir différents objets se déplacer à l’extérieur. Ouvre donc les stores ou les rideaux et place une chaise près de la fenêtre pour que ton animal puisse grimper. De cette façon, il pourra profiter de la vue pendant des heures. Simplement, assure-toi que la fenêtre est bien fermée et verrouillée, surtout si tu vis dans un appartement qui est très haut.

#4. Leave your dog in a nursery for animals

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If you have a dog that gets along well with other animals, you can always send it to a daycare when you’re outside for a long time. Good daycare employs specially trained people who know how to care for dogs so they are happy, active and safe. If your neighborhood has one, go see them and ask the opinion of others who use it.

#3. Find a toy that distributes treats


We all know that our pets need physical activity to stay healthy, but we tend to forget about the importance of mental stimulation. Fortunately, there are hundreds of different toys that can train your pet’s brain. Most of these toys are candy dispensers. In this way, your furry friend will have to make an effort to have a good reward.

#2. Find a friend for your pet

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Of course, this method to save your pet from loneliness depends on many factors. But if you can do it and if you have the necessary space, consider adopting another cat or a dog. By doing this, you will save the life of an abandoned animal and give your pet a companion with whom to socialize, which is a win-win situation for all. But if you decide to do this, make sure the new animal is healthy and has been vaccinated. We must also hope that the two animals will get along well.

#1. Engage a dog walker

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If there is a pet care center in your area, it is likely that it offers a service to walk dogs. This means that you can schedule regular visits for an experienced person to take your dog for a walk in the day. If you work long hours, this may be the only way for your furry friend to do an activity and the exercise he needs. And for you to get used to what a stranger is walking with your beloved animal, you could invest in a GPS plotter. That way, you’ll always know where he is using the app.

And how do you care about your pet? Do you have any other tips to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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