13 tips that are worth giving to your child before he goes to school!

For a child who has just started their schooling, the school offers a million reasons to feel different emotions: some are happy, others are a little less. Therefore, when it comes to preparing them, it is not only necessary to teach them to read and write. You can play or share stories of your life at this stage of their childhood: the important thing is to explain in advance what awaits the child and how he should behave, because there are things that only parents can explain!

So that my kids can also enjoy school, feel good and not live the same as me, I decided to instill some principles. I thought about it as soon as she started kindergarten. And I decided to share these principles with all readers of Magicaltip!

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For elementary school students and their parents, everything seems unusual, unhelpful, and therefore sometimes scary. Everything is unknown (school, other children, teachers), everything happens for the first time (classes, notes, homework, checking the speed of reading, and finally, end of school year party). We often hear stories of children being abused at school for a variety of reasons, such as failing a test or excel at homework, being shy or not, and so on.

It’s difficult for parents, and even if they are adults and have already lived through all of this, it’s much more difficult for the child. Especially if he did not go to kindergarten and he had no particular problem at the nursery.

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Therefore, make sure to explain to your child:

  • The lessons are not important enough to neglect your health, both mental and physical. If you feel bad, explain it to adults.
  • Do not compare yourself to others. You’re in school, not to compete in a race with good grades, but to gain knowledge.
  • For the same reason, do not try to get good grades, the important thing is to understand the subject and to know more. We are not going to scold you for a missed assignment, but a better grade would make us very happy, of course.
  • If you find something difficult or do not understand it, ask the teacher or us for help.
  • It’s normal to worry about exams and tests but never forget: school is not your whole life, it’s just a part of your life, so do not worry too much.
  • A teacher is also a person who may feel tired, sick or accidentally wrong. Perceive his work with respect and do not complicate his execution! Never participate in bullying. What is bullying? When a person offends someone weaker than she constantly and on purpose. Do not do it and if someone at school does it, tell me! I will find a way to help this child.
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  • If you do not break the rules, you should not be punished or intimidated. You can play a game on the phone during recess when it does not bother anyone or distract you from studying. You can ask to go to the bathroom during the course if you can not hold you back. You can also refuse to eat food in the canteen if you do not want to. If you think that the professor was wrong or that he was rude, tell me, I will find a solution.
  • If you break a rule, the teacher has the right to punish you, for example, confiscating your phone until school is over. But he can not hit you, humiliate you or make fun of you. If it happens, tell me.
  • Learn to communicate with people because they may be studying with you until school is over. But if one of your classmates hurts you, first try to solve the problem yourself. If that does not work, you should ask the teacher or us for help.
  • Do your best. These lessons will be useful for you in the future, so learn them right now. Also, learn to think.
  • Keep the discipline. Rules are invented to make things easier for everyone, including you. Do your homework, listen to the teacher, prepare your backpack on your own, without having to remind you.
  • It is not only at school that one can acquire knowledge. If you want to know more about something, ask us, we’ll help you find the answers.

What advice did you give or will you give your child before his next school year? Tell us in the comments below!

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