15 Children’s Hairstyles with Unlimited Creativity

Each year in the US schools, we celebrate a rather fun party: the day of crazy hair. This is the time when children and their parents compete creatively.

Magicaltip.com shows you the zaniest hairstyles, invented by parents with an unlimited imagination.

#1. A glass of soda, please

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#2. We need something for everyone

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#3. What do you think of this donut?

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#4. A spider ! Soo cute!

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#5. At the forefront of fashion

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#6. Christmas is coming

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#7. I wonder how it does not fall

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#8. It is surely her father who put her hair on her head

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#9. When your parents are artists

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#10. How about a little coffee?

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#11. To not forget the planets

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#12. Connection with space

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#13. The child of autumn


#14. A new generation siren

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#15. Surf the wave

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