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15+ daily habits that are best avoided by doctors - Magical Tip

15+ daily habits that are best avoided by doctors

It all starts with a small step. The same goes for our daily actions. For example, have you ever thought about how wearing too hot clothes can affect your health? Or how are your teeth and gums related to Alzheimer’s? Why do professional chefs not wash fresh chicken before cooking or why do people who refuse lunch gain weight faster?

MagicalTip has analyzed several scientific data and is convinced that it is necessary to reconsider the different points of view on the daily habits that rob us of our time and sometimes even our health.

Poor oral hygiene accelerates the development of Alzheimer’s disease

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If you brush your teeth badly, it is possible that not only caries appear, but also periodontitis, an infection that affects the gums first and can also cause tooth loss. The bacteria that cause periodontitis affect the brain and accelerate the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The relationship between the state of the teeth and the brain has also been demonstrated by one of the new drugs created for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, which, therefore, also restores teeth affected by tooth decay. Until this drug is introduced to the market, it is necessary to consult the dentist every six months for professional cleaning and to use special toothpastes, designed to strengthen the enamel.

People who cover themselves a lot get sick more often

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When you cover too much, pathogenic bacteria and viruses begin to multiply in clothing: for them, it is a comfortable habitat. In order not to create this “greenhouse effect”, it is necessary to favor the natural fabrics in your wardrobe, not to cover too much and to ventilate the warm clothes more often, especially if they are difficult to wash or to clean.

Sugar and pastries damage the memory

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The consumption of sugar and a diet based on large amounts of carbohydrates lead to the development of dementia. It is also known that diabetic patients are more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This does not mean that you should completely give up sugar, just measure your daily dose: do not forget that it is contained in fruits, vegetables, cereals, drinks and dairy products.

Hair spray causes acne

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Using this type of lacquer to fix makeup is a bad idea. In general, its use causes inflammation on the face, even if you use it only to fix your hairstyle without protecting your face.

Sugar-free soft drinks and isotonic drinks cause heart problems

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Any sugary beverage containing artificial colors (if consumed daily) increases the risk of heart attack, sudden stroke and dementia. This list also includes many isotonic drinks, some fruit juices and sugar-free sodas.

Detox diets and fresh juices are harmful to your health

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Do not drink lemon juice or apple vinegar on an empty stomach: detox diets do not work, but what they do very well is to quickly disrupt the functioning of the digestive system.

The kidneys, liver, colon and lungs are the natural system of our body, which is dedicated mainly to its purification and the elimination of toxins. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices can not do anything about it: in fact they only hurt. For example, eating them in large amounts on an empty stomach increases the risk of diabetes and stomach ulcers. And alkaline water is only recommended on medical prescription.

Cleaning at home without gloves leads to poisoning

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Whether you’re scrubbing plates or cleaning the stove, you should wear gloves that protect against chemical burns and prevent toxic substances from reaching food, drink, eyes or mouth through your hands. It is easy to find salmonella or E. coli in bathrooms, sinks and kitchen counters. And the traditional dishwasher houses about 362 species of microorganisms, most of which are harmful to humans.

Toxins are not eliminated by sweating

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Most of the time, we sweat to balance the body temperature: when it is hot outside or the temperature increases due to illness, the sweat cools you to avoid getting too hot. In some situations, the sweat of a special composition is produced to transmit to another being a kind of signal, for example, that you are afraid of. But toxins are not eliminated through the skin, by sweat. It’s a myth.

Rinsing the mouth with oil does not disinfect the teeth and the activated carbon paste destroys the enamel

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If you are healthy, you do not need vitamin injections. They are prescribed to people who, for one reason or another, have difficulty absorbing vitamins naturally, for example, through diet.

In most cases, just eat well and take care of your body. Therefore, for beautiful hair, massaging the skull, eating well and cutting one’s hair regularly are important. Without this, even a platelet-rich plasma treatment will be useless.

Kombucha is dangerous for your health

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Scientists have failed to demonstrate the presence of some healing properties of kombucha. But it contains a large amount of sugar, does not go through the process of pasteurization and, as a result, may contain harmful bacteria, which can often trigger poisoning. It should not be given to young children or pregnant women because it contains alcohol and caffeine.

Inadequate dentition is associated with pain in the neck and back and premature aging of the skin

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The abnormal position of the jaws can cause spinal changes and weaken the jaw muscles, leading to a loss of tone and elasticity of the facial skin. For this reason, correction of occlusion can be beneficial at any age, not just to build a beautiful smile.

Skip breakfast leads to obesity

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Our body works in such a way that it needs a lot of “fuel” in the morning for the day’s activities. Our organization is therefore in a state of maximum receptivity to accommodate the good nutrients that you will offer. The morning is the only time you can eat without the risk of storing. The ideal breakfast includes a mix of fruits, seeds, good fats and protein.

It is the breakfast which, by breaking the fast of the night, rehydrates the body and restores the reserves in sugar essential to the good muscular and cerebral functioning. It also plays a vital role against diseases inherent in our sedentary societies and accustomed to “junk food”. If you skip the breakfast, you will arrive hungry for lunch and therefore serve you larger portions, and especially go to things that comfort you – fat or sweet.

Cooking in a gas stove without exhaust fan is almost the same as smoking

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The extractor above the stoves is designed so that you do not have to breathe what the lit gas emits. Every time you cook, gases and toxic substances are released. Their damage is comparable to breathing in a room filled with tobacco smoke. The ideal would be to give up the gas stove for the benefit of the induction cooker.

Natural does not mean beneficial

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Traditional methods, in the context of plant breeding, can be dangerous and are rarely tested. One of the most popular methods for creating new varieties is x-ray selection. But a lack of controls and quantitative research can lead to tragedy. For example, in the 1960s, a new variety of potatoes was produced which eventually contained large amounts of toxic solanine.

Therefore, what is presented to us under the “natural product” label may differ significantly from the original vegetable or fruit, and even be a dangerous mutation. Look at the picture of the tomatoes above: natural (wild) tomatoes are so different from their “domesticated” version that you probably think they are wild berries.

To do well, opt for seasonal products. Thus, you will be less likely to be affected by fruits, berries or poor quality vegetables.

Cheese, dried fruits and cereal bars interfere with the functioning of the immune system

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Processed foods contain a large amount of sugar or, on the contrary, salt, as well as various additives, hormones or excessive amounts of trans fatty acids. These materials have a negative effect on the work of the immune system if they are consumed in large quantities. Therefore, it is good to make sure that these portions are small.

By processed foods, we mean:

  • frozen and canned foods, any pre-cooked product;
  • cereal bars, cornflakes and most of these processed breakfasts;
  • bacon and cold cuts;
  • dried nuts with salt or sugar, popcorn in the microwave;
  • dehydrated fruits, as well as raw fruits and freshly squeezed juices;
  • margarine and processed cheese;
  • ketchup and other industrial sauces.

Which of these daily habits have you banished forever? Or maybe there are several? Tell us everything in the comments below.

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