15+ safe travel tips that we should have known before

From time to time, magazines, newspapers, and websites publish lists of the safest and most dangerous destinations. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of being stolen or attacked in any country in the world. Before traveling to another city or country, it is important to think about your own safety.

at Magical Tip, we want to share with you some tips on security that will help you to be safe in unknown cities. At the end of the article, you’ll discover a bonus consisting of an empty glass and a doorknob.

#1. Learn to write and pronounce your allergies or health problems in foreign languages

If you suffer from a life-threatening allergy, you must learn to write and pronounce, in the language of the country, the name of the food or medicine you are allergic to. Write it on a card, on the notes of your phone or use a medical identification bracelet. This is also valid for any disease that requires specific treatment.

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