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20 People who have shared moments when their pet has shown a rare intelligence - Magical Tip

20 People who have shared moments when their pet has shown a rare intelligence

It is not always easy to understand the behavior of our pets and sometimes, their “bad behavior” forces us to dispute them. Sometimes we are very clueless about their reactions, and we have trouble finding a common language with them: at times, it really looks like they are creatures that come from another planet! And yet, on other occasions, we find ourselves totally amazed by their extraordinary intelligence …

At MagicalTip we love stories that tell us what our furry friends do, especially when they surprise us with their mental abilities.

  • This is what my collie does: my cats have the annoying habit of scratching the carpet, and as soon as he hears them, he runs to prevent them from doing so. He does the same if he sees that they are about to throw themselves into something forbidden like touching our food or jumping on the tables. I also have ferrets, and my dog ​​does not let them scratch the carpet either.  © NoxiousBunny
  • We realized that our dog knew (when we did not teach them) the names of all the family members. One day, my mother told him, “go get utspg1980”, and the dog went straight to me, ignoring the other people who were present. He came into my room and started barking. So we went to different rooms of the house, and we told him, “Go get …”, and every time he went to the right person. © utspg1980
  • My cat throws the packaged food off the table, he waits for the dog to tear the film, and only then does he come down for his “reward”. © SuzQP
  • Scientists haven’t been able to prove if dogs have empathy, but my good boy knows when his boy is sick and won’t leave his side. Conclusive study to me. © cryptomeg / reddit
© cryptomeg / reddit  
  • We had a basset hound that literally had an iron stomach. In order to prevent him from looking for food in the garbage bin, we put it in height. No way to touch it, but he still managed to search it and we did not understand how he did it. One day, we saw our cat on the window sill spilling the trash can to help his friend. These little cheaters have formed an alliance to feast! © DefiantPosibilidad
  • My cat found out where the red light came from and tried to pull the laser pointer out of my hands.  © originalchaosinabox
  • At bedtime, when everyone goes to his room, I close the doors and turn off the lights. Our dog is waiting for me to accompany me to bed. © trazom28
  • My beagle used to steal my clothes and only gave them back when he could exchange them for food. He loved to take my bras because he understood that I would run after him if I saw him dragging one on the lawn. © Tiny_Rat
  • My dog ​​hurt his front paw and he wandered around the house with a sad look. My mother was grieved and offered her a gift to cheer her up. After a few days, my dog ​​realized that if he pretended to be sick, my mother would feed him. And he took advantage of the situation for a long time, when I was away, of course. When she told me everything, she could not believe the dog had cheated on her. © blueish56
  • My dog’s favorite toy is Kong. It is filled with biscuits that come out when you shake it or throw it. The dog realized that every time I tucked the toy, the possibilities of getting a treat increased. One day, my husband woke up in the middle of the night because of a strange noise. In fact, our hairy friend was going up the stairs, dropping the toy, walking down the stairs at full speed, eating all the scattered cakes and starting again … © PancakesxBacon
  • I had a hamster who liked to sit between his bowl of food and his bowl of water. He was sleeping between the two, and he was leaning to the left to eat and to the right to drink, and then lie down again. I decided to end his idleness: hamsters must move! © brandnamenerd
  • My cat behaved strangely with my son: he watched him and looked aggressive. In fact, a bat had entered the house, and I had not realized it. When the bat wanted to rush over my child, who was on the couch, the dog caught her in the air and kept her in her claws a few moments, without letting go, until I caught the animal with a bucket. © Treepersonel
  • My cat was wailing in my ear to wake me up so I could feed him. When I understood what he wanted, I learned to pretend to sleep. So he started pushing me and stepping on me, so I decided to hide under my blanket. Incredibly tenacious, the cat began to nibble the wooden furniture to wake me up. I then covered them with double-sided tape. Now, my cat drops everything he finds. For the moment, it is he who wins the victory. © SunCactus321
  • Our dog nibbles my wife when she forgets to take the vitamins that help her cure her illness. © houinator
  • One morning, my cat started walking around my mother and licking her face frantically. We did not understand what was happening. Suddenly, when my mother sat on the couch, the cat was on her knees, which was odd, because it only went up on the knees of my father, and very rarely. We wondered why the cat was paying so much attention to my mother. It was then that we realized that my mother’s heart had started beating too fast. Somehow the cat first realized that something was wrong with her, and he had not left her all day. © giftedearth
  • When I was in college, my dog ​​was depressed because of our separation. So I had to take her with me to the office and in class, and we went together to the campus. When I wanted to go somewhere without him in my car, he was hiding the keys, and I assure you, no way to find them! It annoyed me so much that a beautiful day I watched him and I saw what he was doing: he was trying to hide the keys where I had searched before leaving the room. © unknown author
  • My cat always accompanies me when I take my bath: he is afraid that I drown. And as soon as I turn off the tap, he runs to the door and asks me to let him out. And that’s not all ! As soon as my alarm rings, the cat sits on my back or on my face to wake me up. In addition, he roars like a dog when he feels he has to protect us. I love it. © zongliere
  • I discovered that there is mold in my bathroom thanks to my white mouse. One fine day, she was on her morning walk, and she came in. She started scraping the carpet behind the toilet, she looked at me, checked that I was looking at her and scraped the carpet again. My father and I decided to take it off, and we found the mold and a water leak from the toilet. © chrisyroid

Does your pet surprise you with its ingenuity? Tell us in the comments section!

Cover Picture  © cryptomeg / reddit