6 Miraculous Changes YOU Will Notice After Eating 3 Dates per Day

Cure a broken heart, aka, improve your cardiovascular system


Sometimes all it takes to cure a broken heart is several consecutive dates over a long period.

That’s right, the potassium in this apparently magical fruit has been discovered to lower LDL (bad cholesterol), which triggers strokes and even heart attack in the arteries. An elderly female study has shown that high intakes of potassium have a lower risk of stroke, ischemic stroke, and mortality.

Blood vessels

Dates in blood vessels will prevent lime. Excessive lime can lead to blocked arteries. This will increase the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and other illnesses. It will make a major difference to eat three dates a day!


Research has shown that dates assist your liver to be strengthened.


Your heart needs dates. Because of its potassium-containing content, the fruits are very effective for cardiovascular disease prevention. The risk of strokes and heart attacks will decrease and LDL cholesterol will decrease at the same time.


So invest in a date — or even for a long time — and you’ll find long-term health that could be very good for your happy future.