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7 Signals of your body that indicate that you are not happy - Magical Tip

7 Signals of your body that indicate that you are not happy

Happiness is not only a state of mind and a positive attitude towards life, it is also associated with certain chemical processes in the body. Hormones in particular help us feel happy and play a very important role in our mood and ability to feel pleasure. The lack of these hormones can lead to discontent, and even depression.

MagicalTip wishes to draw your attention to the signals that your body may send you, which may indicate that the level of your happiness hormones is low!

#1. Excessive consumption of fatty or sweet products

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If your body needs sugar and starch, your serotonin level may be low. These foods stimulate this hormone, improving your mood. But this only lasts a short period of time. Then, the level of this happiness hormone will be further reduced and you will feel the need to consume these products again.

#2. Weight gain

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A lack of dopamine can lead to weight gain. In addition to promoting the consumption of sweets and unhealthy foods, it can lead to overeating. This happens because you are trying to compensate for the low level of this hormone in food. Therefore, food addiction can develop.

#3. Sensitivity in the chest

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There is another hormone whose deficiency affects our mood and affects our health: Low levels of estrogen in women can cause increased breast tenderness. This can occur during menstruation, but also at other times.

#4. Low level of empathy

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Studies have linked empathy with oxytocin. This hormone of love affects our mood and our connection to others. If you have trouble identifying with others or recognizing facial expressions, you may be suffering from a lack of oxytocin.

#5. Headache

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Headaches can occur due to a lack of progesterone, another hormone helpful in improving mood. This pain can take the form of migraine. The hormone is important during pregnancy; in pregnant women, the symptoms caused by its low concentration may differ and must be controlled.

#6. Insomnia

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Insomnia is one of the signs of low serotonin levels, which we have already mentioned. It can occur in case of difficulty falling asleep and cause mood swings. People who are going through a period of increased stress, depression, and who lead a sedentary lifestyle, are prone to this disorder.

#7. tremors

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Tremors can occur due to a lack of dopamine. Tremors are involuntary movements of the body caused by muscle contractions. This happens most often in the hands. They can also be a symptom of a neurological disease.

Do you feel happy? Do you think people can influence your level of happiness? Reply us in the comments!

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