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8 seemingly harmless products that can cause an "overdose"! - Magical Tip

8 seemingly harmless products that can cause an “overdose”!

Everyone knows that any food or medicine is only beneficial if it is consumed in moderation. If you ingest too much or exceed the prescribed dose, the consequences can be serious, even irreversible. This article will be an opportunity to address the subject …

Today, MagicalTip has prepared a list of banal products that can cause serious damage to your health. Do not abuse it!


Sauce soja

In 2013, for a bet, a young American man drank a liter of soy sauce, after which he was convulsed and lost consciousness. Doctors diagnosed him with water deficiency and excessive sodium intake (hypernatremia).


This interference with sodium metabolism is dangerous because of the risk of intracerebral hemorrhage due to osmotic factors.