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9 Humans who have been saved by wild animals in extreme situations - Magical Tip

9 Humans who have been saved by wild animals in extreme situations

Wild animals are awesome creatures. And while we often believe that they are aggressive and dangerous, there have also been instances where they have shown us how much their protection instinct is great even with other species, surprising us by their empathy and their generosity in saving the lives of humans who were in great danger.

MagicalTip has compiled for you stories in which beautiful animals have behaved much better than any superhero.

#1. The whale that saved a woman from a shark

@Public Domain Pictures

In 2017, near the Cook Islands, while a marine biologist was swimming, she saw a humpback whale approaching her. It was not a problem until the animal threatened to push her with her head and belly. Curiously, the whale made several attempts to move the body of this woman. It was only when this biologist boarded her boat to study the strange behavior of the whale that, looking at the water, she realized the whole situation: a shark was swimming near her! The animal was only trying to warn and get it out of the water as soon as possible. This happened because, according to the experts, humpback whales are very protective with their calves and always try to keep them away from predators. Most likely, this animal used its instinct with this woman who was defenseless on the high seas.

#2. Beavers who have consoled a child

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

If you already think beavers are cute, they will probably become your favorite animal after reading this story. A Canadian family camped decided to go fishing. This adventure became a disaster after the parents took the boat and decided to leave their son on the shore for a ride. Shortly after, the boat turned around and the adults drowned. Not knowing what to do, the child, frightened and heartbroken, started walking to the nearest city and asked for help. But at sunset, he realized that he had to spend the night in the forest and sit on the ground. His surprise was great when he soon felt a hot and hairy body hurry against him as he fell asleep. When he woke the next morning, he realized that three wild beavers were sleeping next to him. At a temperature below 0 ° C, the child would probably die of cold if there had not been these adorable animals.

#3. The whale beluga that saved a diver


n China, in 2009, what was supposed to be a fun and exciting diving competition turned into a disaster. At the Polarland Aquarium, competitors had the opportunity to apply for a job in whale training. One participant plunged into the icy water and suddenly began to suffer leg cramps which prevented her from swimming to the surface. What this woman did not expect was that Mila, one of the beluga whales who had noticed something was wrong, took her by the leg to make her safe by bringing her to the ground. . Although she fell into shock, she escaped unscathed.

#4. The lions who saved a kidnapped girl


In 2005, a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl experienced a terrifying event. She was coming home from school when 4 men kidnapped her. The police immediately started looking for her, but for more than a week, there was almost no trail to follow. Finally, she was found safe and sound with 3 adult lions. According to the victim, they attacked the kidnappers, frightened them and stayed with her until the police arrived. Everyone was very surprised, but as soon as people approached the girl, the animals returned to the forest in silence. Some experts suggest that the felines came to the rescue of the little girl because her tears and cries could look like those of a lion cub.

#5. The deer who has confused an aggressor


It was mid-winter in Ohio in 2012, a girl was coming out of a party around one in the morning. Halfway down the road, she was attacked by a man who hit her. But just as he was about to drag her into a field, she noticed the presence of a deer that had been awakened by her screams. The abuser was frightened and fled immediately. The deer had saved the life of the girl! She returned to the party to call 911, and although she could not really describe the exact appearance of the man, she is now safe.

#6. The elephant who saved a little girl from a tsunami


The southern coast of Thailand was hit by a tsunami in 2004. At the time of the disaster, the area was full of tourists on holiday during the Christmas period, and among them was an 8-year-old girl who was protected from giant waves by an elephant, who carried her on his back to a safe place. Later, the worried family managed to find the little girl, who said that she had been saved by the pachyderm.

#7. The gorilla who protected a small child


In 1996, a little boy had gone to the Jersey Zoo. All was well until he accidentally fell into the gorilla enclosure and fainted due to a head injury. One of the primates saw him fall and approached to try to comfort him by rubbing his back. His name was Jambo. The other gorillas perceived the boy as an intruder and reacted aggressively, but Jambo took the responsibility to protect him until the zoo staff and the doctors arrived. Another similar story occurred at the Brookfield Zoo in 1996, when a child of just 3 years old fell into the gorilla enclosure, repeating the story with a female named Binti Jua, who took the child at the entrance of the reserve. After this heroic act, Binti Jua and her babies received many visits and treats almost every day.

#8. The bear who defended a man against a lion


During the spring of 2012, a man decided to go for a walk in the Whiskey Flats Forest, California. During his walk, he saw a big female bear and his little baby. As he was about to leave, something pushed him to the ground – he was a cougar! While he was looking for a way to defend himself against the animal, the bear he had seen before defended him by fighting the feline, who then fled as fast as he could. The heroine went back to her little one and the man returned safely.

#9. The giant sea turtle who carried a woman on her back


A 62-year-old woman was traveling in a boat that suddenly sank. Everything indicated that the situation was going to be tragic, but this lady came back alive thanks to a turtle who approached her to offer her carapace as a lifeline. They swam for two whole days for the woman to survive, knowing that the turtle should have plunged to find food. Some witnesses say she waited until the lady was completely safe to continue her journey, risking her life and almost starving to save a human being.

Which of these stories surprised you the most? Do you know of other animal rescue stories? Tell us about them in the comments.

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