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9 People whose lives have changed thanks to travels - Magical Tip

9 People whose lives have changed thanks to travels

According to Mark Twain, there are “only two things” that we will regret on our deathbed: “To have loved too little and traveled too little”.

Magicaltip has gathered for you the stories of people who have changed their lives completely by walking for the first time in unknown lands.

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I wished all the happiness of the world to my husband and I let him go with another, younger, more stupid and more joyful. And me? I took my savings ($ 17,800) and took a trip. I saw Icelandic geysers steam, I saw the lights of Shanghai and the beaches of Australia. I fell in love and made some great friends. A biker gave me a tattoo of a rose with a gun. In Burma, I inherited a large scar on my leg. When I got home, my husband was interested in me again and wanted me. But for me, he was only a shadow of the past.