9 People whose lives have changed thanks to travels

  • I never went out of my hometown until I was an adult. At the age of 18, for the first time, I went to Italy and was very impressed. For two years, I visited 15 countries. I was saving money, watching trips and hitchhiking. From now on, I no longer spend my money on unnecessary things. While my friends buy expensive bags and designer dresses, go to beauty salons and tanning centers, I take the sun in Bali with the same budget; I wear shirts that I buy for less than $ 5, and I feel fully happy.
  • I am surrounded by skinny friends, and I have always been a little complexed by my body (I am 1m80 and weighs 76 kilos). I went once on a trip with them to Africa. During the two weeks of our trip, no stranger has ever approached them to meet them. As for me, I felt harassed by them: they asked me my number, invited me to see their country, made me compliments, telling me that I was a real beauty. Since that day, I no longer felt complexed.
  • A while ago, I discovered the enchantment of travel. For three years, I traveled half of Eurasia, I lived real adventures, market, hitchhiking and surprising encounters. It’s in this type of life that you write books and make movies. I fully understand that after experiencing this, it is possible to go crazy by spending his days locked in an office. Now, I’m just looking for a special person to share all this.