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9 People whose lives have changed thanks to travels

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  • Six months ago, I went on a trip to Europe with a friend using Couchsurfing. In one of these countries, we met fantastic people, they hosted us for three days. The young man who invited us fascinated me and I liked him too. Just before I left, we kissed each other. When I got home, I wrote my letter of resignation and moved abroad. I am so happy now!
  • When I was a teenager, my grandmother told me about her previous trips. She told me that she had lived in Ethiopia and then had a maid, how in India she had fallen asleep and started snoring during an important negotiation, she shared with me a recipe to make the omelette in Namibia, described to me the tropical showers, told me how she and my grandfather had quarreled in Egypt and then reconciled while traveling on a camel – all that and so on. These stories from my childhood helped me understand how big, diverse and incredible our world is.
  • The first night of a trip is what changes your view of the world. For example, you are sitting in the evening on a beach in Barcelona or in a bar in New York and you remember that this morning you woke up in your bed and that tonight you are in a completely different place. During this moment, emotions enchant you.