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9 People whose lives have changed thanks to travels

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  • Travel is my life! I save every penny I earn for a future trip, and I work almost seven days a week, so people who say “I’m jealous, I’m going to the country and you’ve been to Peru before!” disturb me. They have higher wages than me but they just spend their money on useless things in their spare time.
  • I dreamed of traveling to Berlin, I did not have money and I was saving for the trip. When I got there, I could not believe how happy I was and how I would enjoy every minute of this wonderful week. The last day, I was walking in the suburbs, and I saw a hair salon. I decided to make a new cut. The hairdresser offered to cut my hair as he wished, to surprise me, and I accepted. After an hour, he had transformed my hairstyle without any interest in a super trendy thing that I would never have dared to do alone because I was not cool enough.
  • I went out and in front, there was a clothing store. I told myself that with my new hairstyle, I also had to have a great t-shirt. I bought it and wore it for a week. Then, back home, I decided to go to the gym to complete my look of handsome kid. After six months, I already had an athletic body and, for the first time, a girl fell in love with me. With her, I felt that I needed to learn how to better organize my time to do my job faster and be more efficient.

And you do you have a crazy travel story that changed your life? if Yes, share it with us in the comments sections!

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