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About Us - Magical Tip

About Us

Hey and welcome to www.magicaltip.com, It a great place for everyone who seeks to add a little magic touch to his life, First of all I ‘ll introduce myself, I m Alae the creator and Admin of the site, I have been reading books and magazines about lhacks and solutions to improve the lifestyle in different areas Health, Family, Sport, Finance and others lifestyle Related categories, Today I decided to put my passion into a blog, this blog would be my escape place, I ‘ll keep sharing all my information, my ideas, my opinions here, and I hope I can get many reactions and read lots of other opinions, So lets start this adventure together, a better lifestyle is waiting for us !

The objective of magicaltip.com is to share every sort of information/tips/hacks related to lifestyle, this blog’s purpose is to regroup all healthy lifestyle lovers and discuss anything and everything … I ‘m deeply in love with the Idea of this site, I find my happiness reading/watching self improvement stuff, that’s why I ‘ll make sure to share this happiness with you, and show how grateful to take care of yourself.

Years a go a lazy person, passing my time playing video games, eating junk food, not taking care of myself, Until a day where my health really felt so bad, I start having crises, so I decided to take my life back, and put some “Magic” in it, So My final goal would be to create my own community with a lot of friends with the same objectives, those who wish to go from negative to positive, so we can share a discussion about our experiences, what’s bad and what’s good and give recommendations to each other.

Remember the only thing you need to invest  in is yourself, and the best time to do it is now, no tomorrow not after tomorrow, now.